Advanced Dental Technology

At High Points Family Dentistry, we believe that it is important to remain on the forefront of dental technologies. Technologies are constantly evolving and improving the dental experience for patients, so we remain diligent in staying on top of it. Our goal is to provide comfortable and stress-free treatments, and advanced dental technology is one of the ways we can do that. We offer:

  • Intraoral Camera
  • Isolite
  • Laser
  • Digital X-Rays

Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera allows our patients to see what Dr. Kong is seeing! The camera streams a high-definition video feed into a TV that allows you to visualize what Dr. Kong is referring to when he is talking about your mouth. This camera improves your education and dental knowledge while giving you a complete idea of what your diagnosis means. It’s much easier to understand tooth decay when you can see it for yourself!

The intraoral camera allows you to see what we are seeing!

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Isolite® is a dental tool that comfortably keeps your jaw open and illuminated for our team. You won’t have a sore jaw from holding your mouth open during treatment, Isolite holds it open it for you! Along with holding your jaw open and illuminating your mouth, Isolite vacuums any excess fluids away so Dr. Kong or his team isn’t burdened by that extra work. This means we can focus more attention on you and our work.


Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays have many improvements over standard X-rays. First off, they emit 90% less radiation than standard X-rays, which makes it safe for just about everybody. They are more comfortable to receive than standard X-rays and they are available much faster to view, which in turn makes your appointment time even shorter. Digital X-rays will help your examinations run smoother and quicker.

Same-Day Restorations with CEREC®

CEREC® is a wonderful new technology that can create a new crown, inlay, onlay, and veneer all during a single appointment. This means you don’t have to take an uncomfortable mold and wait for us to send it off to a lab, CEREC will create your new tooth while you are with us. This means you get to walk out of our appointment with a brand new smile!


How Does CEREC® Work?

Dr. Kong will use the CAD/CAM technology to take a highly accurate scan of your mouth. He then sends that information to the CEREC® software that analyzes the scan and creates a 3D image of your new tooth. Next the 3D image is sent to the CEREC machine and ground and milled into a brand new crown. When it’s finished your new crown will be ready for placement! It takes about an hour for the process to complete, so you don’t need to come back for another appointment.

CEREC has made over 30 million tooth restorations and is used by dentists worldwide as an industry accepted method for creating dental restorations. The benefits of CEREC are:

  • Same-day restorations and crowns
  • Highly accurate and natural results
  • Digital scan means no uncomfortable molds
  • Your new crown is created during the same appointment
  • You get to leave with a new smile fully intact

CEREC is just another offering we have to provide our patients with the most comfortable and convenient dental experience. We want you to be utterly satisfied with your treatment, and with CEREC we guarantee you will be!

Get same day restorations with CEREC!

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