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Felicia of High Point Dentistry

Felicia A.


With over 17 years of dental experience, Felicia started her dental career as a dental assistant, while completing her degree in dental hygiene. She has been with our practice since 2009.  Since then she’s held roles with increasing responsibilities including Dental Hygienist, Operations Manager and now our Chief Operations Officer. She is also a former clinical instructor for Harper College.

Felicia is passionate about dentistry and her goal is to make sure every patient has a great experience. She prides herself in helping our teams provide the utmost in patient care and service, while creating a positive workplace atmosphere.

When Felicia isn’t at the office, she enjoys spending time with family and friends. She loves to travel and try new restaurants.



Office Manager

Alana is a dynamic and passionate Office Manager at our Elgin location. Born and raised in the Chicagoland area, she has a deep connection to the community and a drive to help others. After serving her country in the United States Army as an Automated Logistics Specialist, Alana pursued her education and earned both an A.A from William Rainey Harper College and a B.A with a minor in Communication from Northern Illinois University.

At the office, Alana is known for her warm personality and her ability to build strong relationships with her patients. She takes pride in educating patients about their dental health and helping them achieve their best smiles.

When she’s not working, Alana is all about family. She cherishes her role as a mother and enjoys spending quality time with her husband and two children. Alana also loves trying new foods, traveling, and making memories with her loved ones.

With her passion for helping others, her commitment to education, and her love for her family, Alana is a valuable member of the Elgin office team. She approaches everything she does with energy and a sense of purpose, making her a true asset to everyone she interacts with.



Business Manager

Elizabeth is a highly skilled and dedicated business manager at High Point Dentistry. With a passion for organization and a keen eye for detail, Elizabeth excels at overseeing all aspects of the practice’s operations and ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

In her role at High Point Dentistry, Elizabeth is responsible for managing the day-to-day business operations and ensuring that clients have a positive and seamless experience. Her strong communication skills and commitment to customer service make her an invaluable asset to the team.

When she’s not at work, Elizabeth is all about family. She is happily married to her husband Brandon and enjoys spending time with her nearest and dearest, including her beloved chihuahua, Burrito. Elizabeth also loves to shop and has a keen eye for finding the perfect outfit for any occasion.

With her excellent management skills and commitment to customer service, Elizabeth is a valuable member of the High Point Dentistry team. Whether she’s handling business operations, spending time with her family, or shopping for her next fashion find, Elizabeth approaches everything she does with energy and dedication, making her a true asset to everyone she interacts with.



Insurance Coordinator Manager

Suzy is a driven and knowledgeable insurance coordinator manager who brings a unique combination of professionalism and excitement to her role at High Point Dentistry. With several years of experience in the field, Suzy has developed a deep understanding of the insurance industry, which she leverages to help clients navigate complex policy details with ease.

In her role at High Point Dentistry, Suzy is responsible for overseeing the entire insurance process and ensuring that clients have a positive and stress-free experience. She takes pride in her ability to communicate effectively with clients and insurance providers and is always ready to resolve any issues that may arise.

When she’s not working, Suzy is an adrenaline junkie. She’s a fan of kickboxing and loves to push herself to new limits in the gym. She’s also a passionate traveler, especially when it comes to Mexico. She’s drawn to the country’s vibrant culture and rich history, and loves exploring its many cities and landmarks.

With her positive attitude, attention to detail, and love for helping others, Suzy is an invaluable member of the High Point Dentistry team. Whether she’s working with clients, kicking butt in the gym, or traveling to new and exciting destinations, Suzy approaches everything she does with energy and a sense of purpose, making her a true asset to everyone she interacts with.

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Registered Dental Hygienist

Tina graduated from Harper College with a degree in Dental Hygiene in 2014, and joined the High Point Dentistry team in 2017. She loves establishing strong connections with her patients, as she believes this will help improve overall oral health. Tina is passionate about providing patients with the knowledge and tools required to keep their smiles healthy for a lifetime.

Tina resides in Elgin with her husband, their two boys, and their puppy Ruby. Tina loves spending time with her family and loves to horseback ride.



Registered Dental Hygienist

Erika is our Registered Dental Hygienist. Having started at our Elgin location in 2015, as a Dental Assistant, while simultaneously attending Dental Hygiene school. She received her licensure from College of Dupage and graduated with her B.S. in Dental Hygiene from Lewis University in 2017.

Erika takes great pride in educating her patients while also advocating for their utmost care. She enjoys getting to know all her patients and building connections. Her passion for the dental field ensures all of her patients are being taken care of at the highest level.

When Erika is not in the office she loves to travel around the world with her husband. When they’re not traveling she loves to spend time with her family, friends, and their puppy, Chai.

Nicole R.

Nicole R.

Registered Dental Hygienist

Nicole graduated with a degree in Dental Hygiene from Harper College. She was thrilled to join the High Point Team.
Nicole is eager to meet many new patients and help them meet their oral care needs. Her clinical approach is providing her patients with comfort, proper education, and treatment personalized to their individual needs. It is her goal for every patient to leave the office smiling and feeling healthy.
When Nicole is out of the office, she loves to work out and spend quality time with her boyfriend and family.


Chloe M.

Registered Dental Hygienist

Chloe was born and raised in Rockford, IL where she graduated from Rock Valley College in 2021 with an A.S. in Dental Hygiene. While in school, she spent her days off substitute teaching for the Rockford School District. She uses her previous degrees in communications and fine arts to thoroughly educate patients and explain step-by-step the “whats” and “whys” of dental care. Chloe believes it is important to be informed about your oral care and strives to build a relationship with every patient. She loves working with her patients to create a plan that is unique to their needs.

Chloe enjoys to spend her time with her partner and their two cats Fern & Biscuit. She loves spending time at thrift stores, creating art and watching anime.



Registered Dental Hygienist

Jackie was eager to join the team in August of 2022. She graduated from Rock Valley College of Rockford, IL in 2021 with an Associates in Science and Dental Hygiene.

Prior to becoming a hygienist, she worked as a chair side dental assistant for 5 years. She has a thorough understanding of dental procedures and uses her previous experience to answer any questions patient may have in regards to treatment.

Jackie’s favorite thing about being a hygienist is educating patients about oral health and seeing the transformations that can result from treatment. She strives to provide a positive experience for all patients and speaks fluently in Spanish.

When away from the office, Jackie values fitness and nutrition. She loves to try new recipes, explore the Fox River Trail by bike, and spend quality time with her loved ones.

High Point Dentistry team member


Registered Dental Hygienist

Karlie is an accomplished individual who recently graduated from Indian Hills Community College in 2022, earning her Associate of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene. With a strong desire to begin her professional journey, she is thrilled to join the team at High Point Dentistry.

Karlie’s passion for dentistry developed at a young age, stemming from her own experiences as a frequent visitor to the dental chair. This personal connection drives her commitment to creating a comfortable and positive environment for her patients. Her primary goal is to provide exceptional, individualized care that caters to the unique needs of each individual.

In addition to delivering top-quality dental care, Karlie aspires to foster lasting relationships with her patients. Through open communication and patient education, she aims to empower individuals to take charge of their oral health. By encouraging proactive dental habits, Karlie endeavors to make a lasting impact on her patients’ overall well-being.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Karlie cherishes her time spent with loved ones. Whether it’s enjoying quality moments with family and friends or embarking on exciting travel adventures, she values the importance of nurturing personal connections. Karlie finds solace in nature and actively engages in outdoor activities.

Karlie’s dedication to her patients, coupled with her genuine care and commitment to excellence, make her a valuable addition to the team at High Point Dentistry. Her passion for dentistry and enthusiasm for building relationships contribute to a positive dental experience for all those under her care.

High Point Dentistry team member


Registered Dental Hygienist

Jeanie Registered Dental Hygienist has dedicated over 40 years to the dental field, accumulating a wealth of experience and expertise. Beginning her journey as a dental assistant, Jeanie’s passion for oral health led her to pursue a degree in Dental Hygiene from Parkland College in Champaign, which she successfully attained in 1999.

Jeanie’s journey with High Point began as a temporary hygienist, but her exceptional work ethic and the positive environment convinced her to join the team on a full-time basis. She finds great joy in her work and is committed to educating her patients while ensuring they have a positive dental experience.

With a genuine enthusiasm for promoting oral health, Jeanie consistently strives to provide her patients with the knowledge and tools necessary for optimal dental care. Her caring and empathetic nature contribute to a comfortable and informative environment, making her patients feel at ease throughout their dental visits.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Jeanie leads an active lifestyle. She finds solace in bike riding and hiking, appreciating the beauty of nature. Jeanie is a proud mother to a 21-year-old son and shares her home with her beloved dog, Puck.

Since the age of 12, Jeanie has known that dental hygiene was her calling. Her unwavering dedication and love for her profession shine through in the exceptional care she provides to her patients. Jeanie’s commitment to her craft and genuine passion for oral health make her an invaluable asset to the dental community.

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