Oral Surgery in Elgin, Schaumburg, & Palatine, IL

In-House Oral Surgery in Kane & Cook County

We are privileged to work with our in-house surgeon, Dr. John Hur! Rather than being given a referral to go elsewhere, we are able to perform surgeries in our office. At High Point Dentistry, you are in good hands with an experienced and successful surgeon whose calm demeanor combined with his experience allows him to help any patient in need of oral surgery.

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Types of Dental Surgeries

Sedation Options

For oral surgery, we offer nitrous oxide sedation that will allow you to sit through any appointment relaxed and at ease. We will ensure you are comfortable throughout any surgery needed. 

You’ll wear a mask throughout your procedure so the nitrous oxide can be administered. You’ll start to feel the sedative effects within minutes, and you may even fall asleep from the calm and relaxed state. When your appointment is complete, the mask will be removed, and the sedation will begin to wear off right away. You will be able to resume your daily activities following your appointment.
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Affordable Surgery in Cook and Kane County

Finance options are available if oral surgery is recommended. We don’t want cost of treatment to keep you from taking care of your smile. Putting off dental treatment can lead to more severe dental problems in the future. We want to help make treatment possible by offering options that will accommodate your budget and help you afford the care that you need. We can provide you with available finance options and help you determine which one works best for your budget!

Financing Options


If you are in need of oral surgery in Cook or Kane County, call us today to schedule a consultation! Give your smile the care that it deserves and preserve your teeth for years to come!

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