Prosthodontics in Elgin & Schaumburg, IL

Dental treatments like full and partial dentures or dental implants are major investments. At High Point Dentistry, we’re proud to have an in-house experienced and well-regarded Prosthodontist on our team! If you’re considering a prosthodontic treatment, give our office a call for high-quality insight, accurate diagnosis, planning, and phenomenal results!

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What treatments can a prosthodontist perform?

Prosthodontic treatments are part of a custom comprehensive treatment plan to help a patient restore damaged or missing teeth. Missing, damaged, or defective teeth can cause damage to self-esteem and make daily life difficult. With the latest dental technology, our prosthodontic treatments can have you loving your smile again in no time!

Some prosthodontic treatments we offer include:

  • Dental Implants
  • Dental Crowns
  • Dental Bridges
  • Dental Veneers
  • Snap-On Dentures

Does a prosthodontist fill cavities?

Since prosthodontic treatments concern the function and aesthetics of teeth, dental fillings are also part of one of the many prosthodontic treatments available. Dental fillings replace lost tooth structure due to decay, fracture, or a loose filling. We always want our patients to keep their natural smiles for as long as possible. If a dental filling is all that is needed to treat a tooth, that is likely the first course of action on the customized treatment plan.

Why should I choose a prosthodontist?

The main advantage of choosing a local dentist with a prosthodontist background or assistance is the advanced education and training behind the chair. Prosthodontists regularly look for solutions to solve a variety of dental problems. When you choose a dental office with prosthodontic treatments like dental implants or dentures, you’re one step closer to achieving a healthy, functioning smile!

If you are in need of prosthodontics in Illinois, call us today to schedule a consultation! Give your teeth the attention they deserve and restore your smile today.

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