Fluoride Treatment in Elgin & Schaumburg, IL

Tooth enamel is the toughest substance in the body. Though tough, acids from foods and drinks and poor oral hygiene care can weaken it. To prevent weak enamel and other dental damage, frequent fluoride treatment is often recommended.

Fluoride, a naturally occurring mineral, helps prevent tooth decay by making the surface of teeth stronger and more resistant to cavities. To schedule an appointment for fluoride treatment in Elgin or Schaumburg, IL, please give our office a call to schedule an appointment for fluoride treatment!

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How does fluoride help teeth?

Fluoride is added to drinking water and many oral hygiene-related products because of its enamel-strengthening properties. When fluoride is applied, it promotes remineralization, a process that repairs early signs of tooth decay and prevents cavities from forming. Fluoride also disrupts bacterial growth on teeth, helping maintain the structural integrity of teeth and enhancing overall oral health.

What do fluoride treatments do?

During a dental fluoride treatment, a concentrated fluoride solution is applied to teeth to strengthen enamel and prevent tooth decay. As the enamel absorbs the fluoride, teeth become more resistant to acid attacks from bacteria and sugars. Most of the time, fluoride treatment for kids is encouraged from the ages of 6 months to 16 years as primary teeth are developing. Fluoride treatment is also beneficial for individuals who have a higher risk of cavities.

Is fluoride treatment necessary?

Dental fluoride treatment is often necessary. While fluoride is added to drinking water and oral hygiene products like toothpaste and mouthwash, the amount is often not enough to make a difference in protecting tooth enamel. Dr. Kong and our team typically recommend fluoride treatment for kids and adults during routine check-ups every six months to enhance oral health. However, needs will vary between patients, and our team will always tailor fluoride treatment based on individual factors.

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