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Gentle Wisdom Tooth Extractions in Elgin, IL

Wisdom teeth removal is one of the most common types of dental extractions, as many dental professionals recommend that wisdom teeth be removed in anticipation of any problems they may or may not cause. Whether you have been experiencing pain or soreness in your third molars or not, our experienced dental team can help you decide if a wisdom tooth removal is the right treatment for you. Give our office a call or send us a message through our contact form to learn more about our gentle and efficient wisdom tooth procedures today.

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What is the recovery time for a wisdom tooth removal?

Your recovery time will depend on how many wisdom teeth are extracted at once, among other factors, but we generally recommend that patients take at least three days off from school and work following a wisdom tooth procedure. You may be able to return to your normal routine before that as long as you are not doing anything too strenuous. We recommend resting as much as possible and only eating soft foods in the days following your appointment.

When should I schedule a wisdom tooth removal?

The ideal time frame for a wisdom tooth removal is when a patient is in their late teens or early twenties, as the procedure and recovery tend to be easier during these years. However, a wisdom tooth removal can absolutely be scheduled later on in life, especially if they begin causing pain or other problems. During your routine dental exams, our team will take X-rays, monitor your wisdom teeth, and let you know when we think you should schedule your wisdom tooth removal.

What does a wisdom tooth removal cost?

There are a few reasons why patients tend to put off restorative treatments like wisdom tooth removals, and cost is one of them. At High Point Dentistry, we always try to help our patients receive the dental services they need as soon as possible to avoid more discomfort and complicated dental issues down the road. Our team accepts dental insurance and payment plans through CareCredit®, and we also offer an in-house dental membership plan for uninsured patients. For more information, please call our office or visit our financial page.

What happens if a wisdom tooth is not removed?

A wisdom tooth that does not have enough room on the jawbone to grow in properly can be a painful experience. In addition to pain and discomfort, wisdom teeth can cause crowding and damage nearby teeth. In serious cases, wisdom teeth that grow improperly can lead to cysts and infections. It’s usually recommended to remove wisdom teeth sooner rather than later to avoid these situations.

What can I eat after a wisdom tooth extraction?

Patients should stick to soft foods after they have one or more wisdom teeth removed. Foods like oatmeal, yogurt, avocados, cream of wheat, and pudding are great to stock up on before oral surgery. It’s very important that you avoid drinking anything through a straw during this time, however, as that can lead to a painful complication called a dry socket.

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