Pediatric Dental Care in Elgin, Schaumburg, & Palatine

At High Point Dentistry, we care about kids! Making their dental experience fun and fearless is our ultimate goal! We don’t want any patient, big or small, to dread their appointments or sit in fear. With many options for distracting them and helping them feel comfortable, you’ll be glad you chose High Point Dentistry to take care of your kids’ smiles!

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Around one year of age is the recommended time for a child’s first dental visit. X-rays and extensive exams will not be performed, but this visit gives their dentist a chance to meet them, check for any dental concerns and answer any questions you may have. Starting your child young in healthy dental habits will give them a foundation to build a healthy smile for life!

In addition to regular check-ups, helping your kids build daily habits of brushing and flossing is important for their smiles! There are many ways you can make brushing fun and encourage them to keep their teeth clean.

We also offer nitrous sedation for kids! To help your child feel more relaxed, nitrous sedation is an option that may help them feel more at ease throughout their appointment. The sedation takes effect within minutes of placing the face mask and wears off following their appointment. This allows for a comfortable visit, and you will also be able to resume daily activities as soon as their visit is over.

If you are in need of a pediatric dentist in Cook or Kane County, call us today! We would love to give your kids a great dental experience!

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