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Modern Dentistry in Elgin & Schaumburg

Up-to-date technology results in faster treatment and more accurate diagnosis! At High Point Dentistry, we aim to provide state-of-the-art equipment that will give you quality treatment and fast results! Investing in modern technology means investing the best in our patients.

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CBCT Machine

Our CBCT machine is an up-to-date x-ray machine that provides us with 3D images of bone, soft tissues, nerve pathways and dental structures. This cone-like x-ray beam allows us to see our patients’ teeth, jaw, nasal cavities and more. The CBCT machine is used in many ways including diagnosing TMJ, placing dental implants, and planning tooth orientation.

Intraoral Camera

Looking much like an oversized pen, this camera is used to get a close look at the inside of our patients’ mouths. A screen will show visuals in real time, allowing for detailed imaging and a better diagnosis. Rather than just studying x-rays or examining the mouth in-person, this camera allows for your dentist to look at exactly what needs to be seen and then give an accurate treatment plan.


Isolite is one of the best isolation systems for dental procedures. This unit helps make appointments more productive, while at the same time improving the patient’s experience and allowing them to be more comfortable. Isolite is used to gently hold the patient’s mouth open to allow the dentist to work more efficiently.

Digital X-rays

These x-rays provide benefits including lower radiation exposure and immediate view of digital images. Your dentist will be able to enlarge imaging and diagnose problems more accurately while keeping your safety our top priority.

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