General Dentistry in Elgin & Schaumburg

Preventive Dentistry in Elgin & Schaumburg, IL

At our dental offices, we encourage preventive dentistry! This simply means keeping up on your regular dental visits to avoid extensive treatments down the road or costly dental emergencies. Regular dental upkeep will allow your dentist to watch for any warning signs of decay or other dental issues. Normally, decay and other problems can be addressed immediately on a small scale and save from future dental pain or costly procedures.

At a routine check-up, your dental team will perform a thorough teeth cleaning, detailed exam and x-rays. At your first appointment, a treatment plan can be made and discussed which will include any recommended treatment. If you are interested in pursuing cosmetic procedures, these can be discussed as well, and a treatment plan can be set up for improving the structure and overall appearance of your smile.

In addition to regular check-ups, at-home dental care is a must for a healthy smile! Consistent and careful flossing and brushing will help protect and preserve your teeth. At-home dental care will save your smile from unnecessary decay and infection. Avoiding sugary foods until you are able to immediately brush is one way you can prevent decay. Also, if you are able to brush after every meal this will help in protecting your smile.

In addition to routine check-ups, we offer many other services including:

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