3 Tips for Children with Dental Anxiety

young boy getting a dental exam after overcoming his anxiety

There are many reasons why your child could experience dental anxiety. Maybe they have heard about bad experiences and don’t know what to expect. They may not look forward to their appointment and feel too stressed to want to go.

This can make any parent feel concerned about how to support their child. Here are three tips to help your child with their dental anxiety.

1. Talk with Your Child

If your child is experiencing anxiety over an upcoming dental appointment, talk to them about your own positive experiences. This is also an excellent opportunity to discuss the importance of healthy teeth. Explain that seeing a friendly dentist will keep their mouth healthy. Discussing what to expect at the dentist will give your child the time to prepare for their visit mentally.

2. Choose Dentists That Can Help with Your Child’s Dental Anxiety

Please let us know if your child is anxious about their appointment. We’re happy to help them and ensure they have a positive experience. Our offices are equipped with multiple amenities to promote a relaxing atmosphere. Our treatment rooms have TVs, and your child can watch their favorite show on Netflix. We also provide headphones for music, warm blankets, and aromatherapy for a pleasant dental visit.

3. Ask About Nitrous Sedation

Sometimes it may be needed to use a harmless sedative to keep your child calm. We can use nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to help your child feel more relaxed. The sedation will start working within minutes and will wear off after the appointment. Your child will stay conscious and will feel more at ease.

Next Steps

Dental anxiety is no excuse not to schedule a biannual dental exam for your child. Please call us and tell us about your concerns. We care about your child, and we’ll make their comfort a priority. We look forward to taking care of their smile!

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