Can a Dentist Reduce or Eliminate My Snoring?

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Having a stuffed-up nose from a cold, drinking too much alcohol before bed, and sleeping on your back can all lead to a night full of loud snores. Those aren’t the only causes though. The anatomy of your mouth can also contribute to whether or not you’re a snorer. It’s a simple idea really. If tissues in the back of your throat (or even your tongue) are narrowing or blocking your airway, it can affect the air flow and cause certain vibrations that lead to snoring. You may also be experiencing sleep apnea.

Which doctors are experienced in the structures of the mouth? Dentists! Given their field of study and work, you can see why dentists may be able to help you treat your snoring issue. Here’s exactly how:

Oral Appliance Therapy

Some dentists provide a treatment called oral appliance therapy. With this treatment, they create a custom made oral appliance for you to wear while you sleep. You can think of this appliance as similar to a mouthguard you wear during sports or a nightguard you wear to protect your teeth from grinding. The appliance is specifically designed to slightly shift your lower jaw forward, preventing those tissues in the back from blocking your airway.

The Value of Professionally Made Appliance

You may be tempted to buy a pre-made snore guard online, but it’s in your best interest to get one from a dental professional. Everyone’s oral anatomy is unique, and a dentist can make sure your appliance is designed to fit your mouth perfectly. Not only does that mean it’ll be more effective, but it’ll also be more comfortable for you to wear.

If you snore frequently and you’re wondering whether or not a dentist can help, we invite you to schedule an appointment at High Point Dentistry. We’re happy to bring you in for a consultation and see how we might be able to help you with our dental care.

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