3 Reasons to Replace Your Metal Dental Crown

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Do you have metal crowns on any of your teeth? Because metal is so durable, it’s been successfully used for decades to cap teeth. However, many people don’t like their metal crowns and want them replaced. What are the three main reasons to replace a metal dental crown?

1. Metal Crowns Make Your Teeth More Sensitive

Metal crowns are very strong, but they can cause tooth sensitivity. How? Materials like gold, silver, and metal alloys conduct temperature. That means when a hot or cold drink (or food) touches the crown, the metal conducts the temperature right into your tooth’s nerves. You’ll usually feel the most sensitivity right after the metal crown is placed, but that tooth might always be a bit more tender. Replacing the metal crown gets rid of the problem!

2. Metal Crowns Don’t Look Like Natural Teeth

Metal crowns are not subtle. Many people feel self-conscious when speaking, smiling, or laughing. We can replace metal crowns and fillings with tooth-colored ones, so they blend in with your smile. You can feel confident about how your teeth look!

3. Metal Crowns Contain Some Toxic Materials

Metal crowns and fillings are made from materials like nickel and mercury. Organizations like the American Dental Association confirm the safety of metal crowns, but a lot of people don’t want to take any risks. If you don’t like the thought of having metal in your mouth, we can safely replace old crowns with new ones made from non-toxic materials.

CEREC Crowns at High Point Dentistry in Elgin, Palatine, & Schaumburg

We’re proud to offer tooth colored CEREC crowns at our three locations in Illinois. Using technology like digital scans and software, we can make a new custom crown in just one appointment. If you have metal crowns and want them replaced, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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