What Are Those Things in the Dentist’s Office?

Ever wondered what dentists use to clean and examine your teeth? You’re not alone! It’s daunting to sit in the dentist’s chair and not understand the instruments that the hygienist and dentist are using. Let’s take a look at the most popular dental tools and their purposes.

Mouth Mirror

The mouth mirror is a small, circular mirror attached to a long handle. Your dentist uses it to look at tight spaces in your mouth, paying close attention to areas that have tartar buildup. Another use for the mouth mirror is to simply push your tongue or cheek away to get a better look at your teeth!

Saliva Ejector

What’s that little vacuum that sucks up your spit during a treatment? That’s the saliva ejector, which dries your mouth so the dentist can better perform their work.


Scalers are the hooked instruments that your hygienist uses to scrape plaque and tartar off your teeth. It makes what many think is a very unpleasant scraping sound. While temporarily uncomfortable, you may quickly feel the difference between not having your teeth scaled compared to having them scaled!


Have a cavity? Chances are you’ll have some time with the drill, which removes the area of decay and prepares the tooth for a filling.


Your dentist uses a probe to examine your gums and check for signs of gum disease.

Intraoral Camera

Want to know what your dentist is looking at? At High Point Family Dentistry, we use intraoral cameras so our patients can take a look at their teeth and see what the dentist sees! Now you never have to wonder what we’re seeing during an examination.


Another high-tech feature that High Point Family Dentistry is proud to use is the Isolite patient comfort system. It simultaneously holds your mouth open for you and keeps it illuminated so your dentist can see their work. It even sucks away fluids!

X-Ray Machine

If you’re a new patient or haven’t had X-rays taken in a while, your dentist will want to have new X-rays taken during your visit. We use digital X-rays because they emit less radiation than regular X-rays and are quick.

Next time you visit the dentist, don’t be frightened by the different instruments that your dentist uses. At High Point Family Dentistry, we only utilize the most up-to-date technologies so our patients can enjoy a faster and more accurate appointment. Contact us today and see the difference for yourself!

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