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young woman touching her lip

Do I Have Burning Mouth Syndrome?

If you ever experience a burning pain in your mouth, you may have burning mouth syndrome. Here, we’ll explain what burning mouth syndrome is, what the symptoms are, what causes it, and how you can…
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young woman looking nervous due to dental anxiety

Tips for Dealing with Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety can get in the way of having healthy teeth if we let it. Although it’s very common to have some nervousness when visiting the dentist, it’s important to attend regularly scheduled dental visits.…
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Illustration of multiple water faucets alongside each other, one faucet is dripping water

Help the Environment While You Brush

At High Point Family Dentistry, our team is committed to helping the environment by encouraging recycling and cutting down on waste. By conserving resources and using sustainable products, we can do our part in working…
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A woman with glasses standing in front of a Christmas toy drive, smiling and holding bags of toys

Giving Back for the Holidays

At High Point Family Dentistry, we are always looking for new ways to give back to our community and the residents of Elgin. This year, we organized our very own Toys for Tots drive. The…
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Illustration of a green frog standing in front of toothpaste while holding a toothbrush

How Can I Encourage My Kids to Brush?

“NO!” Despite how well behaved your child is most of the time, the word “no” seems to be among the first that most children start saying. Though it usually starts in that ‘terrible-two’ range, whenever…
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Illustration of wooden blocks spelling out "thank you" with a white paper heart in between the words

Dentistry From the Heart

We’re excited to announce that on November 3rd, we’re partnering with Dentistry from the Heart to provide FREE dental care to adults ages 18 and up in the Elgin community. As a team, we truly…
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Young woman with dark hair wearing a black hood, covering her mouth with her hands

Do Gums Grow Back?

Are you experiencing tooth sensitivity or noticing that your teeth are getting longer? You could be one of many who suffer from a receding gum line. Damage to your gums can become a serious issue…
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