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Why Do My Teeth Turn Yellow?

We often associate yellow and stained teeth with uncleanliness, but what if you have yellow teeth despite keeping a strict brushing and flossing schedule? There are actually quite a few reasons why you may be…
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How Do Astronauts Brush Their Teeth?

You’ve probably had freeze-dried ice cream or another different astronaut-style snack, or you’ve at least heard about the unique ways that astronauts eat in zero-gravity environments. But how do astronauts carry out normal everyday tasks,…
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Valentine’s Day Makeover

Give the gift of a cosmetic smile makeover to yourself or your sweetie this Valentine’s Day. Smiles often shape first impressions, and we believe everyone deserves to feel confident and secure about their teeth. At…
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Positive Dental Habits

The key to developing positive dental habits is setting a solid routine. Keeping your teeth consistently clean and healthy, as well as maintaining a healthy diet, are great ways to avoid costly and painful dental…
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Dental Veneers FAQs

Ever wonder how your favorite celebrities have perfect smiles? The answer is likely dental veneers, which are thin sheets of porcelain that can mask chips, wide gaps, and discoloration for a brighter and more beautiful…
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