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a clean white dental office showing dental tools in the background and the chair in the foreground with the text 'oral surgery procedures' over it

Oral Surgery Procedures

At High Point Family Dentistry, we serve our patients not just with preventive care, but also with exceptional restorative care. Our very own in-house surgeon handles all dental surgeries in our office, so you don’t…
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woman with long dark hair holding her jaw in front a white background next to the text 'gum disease: the silent killer'

Gum Disease: The Silent Killer

You’ve probably heard the term “gingivitis” at the dentist and in toothpaste commercials, but you might not have given it a second thought. You really should, though. Gingivitis is the earliest stage of periodontal disease…
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omega-3 pills partially poured out of a white bottle onto a black table

Benefits of Omega-3s on Teeth

You already know that good oral hygiene is crucial for maintaining the health of your teeth, but scientific research has started to uncover the importance of dietary choices in oral health too. It makes sense…
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